About us

Seq exists to take the hassle out of application monitoring and diagnostics.

Not that long ago, just releasing software was stressful. Great tools to automate builds, testing and deployment have fixed that: if a project is set up carefully, "pressing the button" on a new release can even be fun!

As developers, we began to ask why production debugging was still so slow and awkward by comparison — why were we still lost in Remote Desktop and Notepad.exe? What was holding us back?

We concluded that instrumentation was added to apps largely as an afterthought. Low-quality logs thrown over the wall to an ops team using complicated tools to manage them naturally led to disappointing results.

Seq was built to solve this problem. It's not just an "ops" tool that lives only in production environments; it's light enough to live alongside your running apps from the very first day of development.

Our mission is to make quality instrumentation a part of every app.

Simple, powerful tooling, and smarter logging techniques make logs useful during development. In doing so, a feedback process is established that ensures high-quality logs are already validated before an app hits QA or production.

When you use Seq, your app's built-in instrumentation becomes an asset that you'll benefit from every day, and that keeps getting more useful over time.

Who are we?

Seq is built by a dedicated team in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Just like you, shipping great software is our passion.