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Seq is the intelligent search, analysis, and alerting server built specifically for modern structured log data.

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Seq 2023.1 Beta

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

TL;DR: Seq's new query engine uses CPU cores and memory more intelligently. It's ready to try in non-mission-critical environments, and we're eager for your feedback!

We put enormous effort into making Seq queryable in open-ended ways.

It's one thing to store

Tailing a log file or folder with Fluent Bit and Seq

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

It's not always possible to ship logs directly from an application to a centralized log server like Seq. Many interesting systems, new and old, write text or JSON log files locally, and rely on a separate collector to read, parse, and ship them.

This post shows how to

Logging to Seq from the browser

Monday, 17 October 2022

As more functionality moves to the browser it can be useful to send log events to Seq directly from the browser. This can be accomplished using the seq-logging library.

Diagram showing log events going directly from the browser to Seq

This posts describes one way to send structured log events from the browser to Seq, and how it can be used

New from Datalust

On .NET Live - Application logs and diagnostics with Serilog

Nicholas Blumhardt talks application diagnostics with Cecil Phillip in On .NET Live.

.NET Rocks! #1647 - Rust and C# with Ashley Mannix

Ashley Mannix talks with Carl and Richard about the combination of Rust and C# used at Datalust.

C# and Rust: Combining Managed and Unmanaged Code Without Sacrificing Safety, NDC Oslo 2019

Ashley Mannix explores the tools that .NET and Rust give us to design and build safe and robust hybrid applications.

Parsing in C# from First Principles, NDC Sydney 2018

Nicholas Blumhardt talks about Superpower, the library we built for parsing SQL queries in Seq, and the foundational principles behind it.

Open Source and the Future of Seq

Brendan Richards interviews Nicholas Blumhardt about Open Source, Rust, Seq, Serilog, and more, in this AMA from NDC Sydney 2018.

Using Structured Logging for Production Insight

Microsoft's Damian Brady and Nicholas Blumhardt talk structured logging in this episode of The DevOps Lab.

.NET Rocks! #1466 - The Evolution of Serilog

Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin, and Nicholas Blumhardt talk all things logging, diagnostics, and monitoring in this .NET Rocks! episode recorded at NDC Oslo 2017.

Serilog: Instrumentation that Works for You, NDC Oslo 2017

Nicholas Blumhardt presents a complete walk-through of Serilog and modern structured logging at NDC Oslo 2017.