Makers of Seq  —  machine data, for humans.

What we do Seq

Datalust builds Seq, the fastest way for software developers to collect and analyze detailed operational data through modern structured logging techniques. Applications with great instrumentation are more reliable, perform better, and are cheaper to maintain and operate.

Seq promotes application logs to a first-class event stream that can be queried as fully-structured data. Seq pairs a simple, familiar syntax - immediately approachable to C#, JavaScript and Java developers - with a revolutionary timeseries-capable SQL engine for deep investigation of trends and anomalies.

Seq timeseries charting

Seq is used by businesses around the world, in retail and e-commerce, government and education, health, manufacturing, insurance and the financial sector.

About us Seq

Datalust was founded in the belief that software engineers can make a profound impact on the operability of complex systems by considering instrumentation across the entire development lifecycle. Smarter instrumentation techniques like structured logging have much greater impact than traditional predecessors, and Datalust builds the enabling software to realize this potential.

Datalust, an Australian company founded in 2013, is proudly based in sunny Brisbane.


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