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Datalust, the company behind Seq

Seq is the intelligent search, analysis, and alerting server built specifically for modern structured log data.

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News and announcements

A Tour of Seq's Storage Engine

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

This post is the first in a series on Seq’s storage engine. It’s a technical dive meant to share some of the more interesting aspects of its design and implementation. …

Analyze syslog messages with Seq

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Using Seq.Input.Syslog, Seq is able to ingest syslog messages — both RFC3164 and RFC5424 formats — as structured logs. This post demonstrates how to ingest syslog messages in Seq. …

A Seq query language primer

Thursday, 09 July 2020

Seq 2020.1 includes some interesting query language improvements, including object literals, a universal `ci` case-insensitive text comparison modifier, conditional expressions, and a bunch of new built-ins. Now seems like a good time to reintroduce our much-loved query language from the ground, up! …

New from Datalust

.NET Rocks! #1647 - Rust and C# with Ashley Mannix

Ashley Mannix talks with Carl and Richard about the combination of Rust and C# used at Datalust.

C# and Rust: Combining Managed and Unmanaged Code Without Sacrificing Safety, NDC Oslo 2019

Ashley Mannix explores the tools that .NET and Rust give us to design and build safe and robust hybrid applications.

Parsing in C# from First Principles, NDC Sydney 2018

Nicholas Blumhardt talks about Superpower, the library we built for parsing SQL queries in Seq, and the foundational principles behind it.

Open Source and the Future of Seq

Brendan Richards interviews Nicholas Blumhardt about Open Source, Rust, Seq, Serilog, and more, in this AMA from NDC Sydney 2018.

Using Structured Logging for Production Insight

Microsoft's Damian Brady and Nicholas Blumhardt talk structured logging in this episode of The DevOps Lab.

.NET Rocks! #1466 - The Evolution of Serilog

Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin, and Nicholas Blumhardt talk all things logging, diagnostics, and monitoring in this .NET Rocks! episode recorded at NDC Oslo 2017.

Serilog: Instrumentation that Works for You, NDC Oslo 2017

Nicholas Blumhardt presents a complete walk-through of Serilog and modern structured logging at NDC Oslo 2017.