Privacy Policy

At Datalust, we respect the privacy of our valued customers and partners. We are committed to always considering the privacy needs of our customers in everything we do.

Maintaining an exemplary approach to privacy is important to us. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Information collection and use

Datalust collects information that identifies you ("personal information") in some circumstances, in order to provide our services and maintain our relationship with you.

If you create a Datalust Account, request to try our products, are, or become a customer, we may request your name and contact details in order to verify your right to use our products, to assist you with using our products, to understand and respond accurately to your queries, to resolve disputes, and to manage our ongoing relationship with you.

If you purchase our products through a third-party, such as a software reseller, we may receive and store contact information provided by that party in order to confirm your status as a customer and to provide support and related services to you.

If you request to receive our newsletter we will use the contact details you provide for this purpose only.

If you use our website, we may collect diagnostic information that in some circumstances may be linked to you, for example via an IP address or through data submitted in form fields. Our use of this information is for technical troubleshooting and maintenance of our systems and services.

If you use our website, we or third-party analytics providers may collect usage data to report on website usage. At the time this document was prepared, Datalust uses Plausible, a privacy-respecting, cookie-free, GDPR-compliant analytics service for this purpose.

If you receive automated email communications from us, we may collect metrics or analytics regarding email delivery and access to content linked from emails. We use this information to improve the delivery, content and accessibility of our email communications.

If you opt-in to provide us with error reports ("telemetry") from running instances of our products, we will collect and store this information in order to improve the quality of the products we provide. If you choose to include a reply email address, we will store this for the sole purpose of contacting you in relation to the error reports produced by your system.


Datalust will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except:

During the course of our operations, we may exchange your personal information with service providers and contracted entities that provide us with accounting, auditing, banking, business consulting, communications, data storage and processing, legal, technical, web hosting, and related services. Such service providers and entities may be located in a country other than that in which you provided the data to us.

The Seq application

The Seq application is hosted by you. Datalust does not collect, process, or gain access to the data stored by you in the Seq application. When hosting the Seq application, it is your responsibility to maintain compliance with any applicable privacy legislation.

Internal error reporting/telemetry

The Seq application allows error reports/crashes in the Seq software itself to be automatically reported to Datalust. We provide this service so that we can improve your experience with the Seq product.

Error reporting is only enabled with your explicit consent, when you opt-in via the setting within the Seq application itself. Error reports are anonymized, carrying only product version information, program error type and stack trace information, the first five characters of the exception message, and a randomly-generated installation identifier.

Optionally, you may also include a reply email address for the purposes of us contacting you about the error reports generated by your system.

More details on internal error reporting are available in RFC 640 and RFC 645.

Links to third-party services

Within the Seq application, you may find web links to third-party services such as, but not limited to, and the Gravatar personal avatar service. Your access to and usage of these services is subject to the terms of those services. Datalust is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these services.

Use of third-party apps

Seq allows the installation of third-party plug-in "apps", from public and private repositories such as By choosing to install a third-party plug-in, you accept responsibility for the use of the plug-in. Plug-in applications may integrate with, and supply data to, third-party services. Datalust is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these parties.

Support and support-related correspondence

When providing support to you, we may request technical information needed in order to diagnose problems and provide usage assistance with our products. When providing this to us, you must not disclose any information to us that may be deemed confidential or personally identifying by any third party.

Information collected during the provision of support may be retained in order to efficiently support you in future, and to manage our relationship with you.

Policy updates

From time to time we will update the terms of this privacy policy. When such updates are made, we will announce this by raising a ticket on the public seq-tickets GitHub repository.

Contacting Datalust about privacy

If you have questions or concerns, or wish to access or correct the information we have collected and stored about you, please contact us.

[email protected]
Datalust Pty Ltd
PO Box 553
The Gap 4061

We will respond to let you know who will be handling the matter, and when you can expect a further response from us.