Free for development and single-user deployment

The free single-user license included with Seq lets developers run Seq locally, and now supports individual developers in production. Just download the installer or pull the Docker container and go!

Simple pricing for teams 30-day trial available

Each Seq license includes collaboration features like shared queries and dashboards, as well as user management with basic, Active Directory (on Windows servers) or Azure AD authentication. You'll benefit from our world-class support, and have access to patches and new releases throughout the included support period.

Up to 15 users, priority email support
Unlimited users, priority email support
Enterprise Partner
Unlimited users, site licensing, named support contact

Choose from a one, two, or three-year term.

One year included support and updates
Two years included support and updates
Three years included support and updates


Can more than one developer in an organization run the free single-user version? Yes, as long as each Seq installation is used by only one individual, this is fine.

Can I use the free single-user version, or do I need to buy a license? The single-user license permits one person to access the Seq web interface, and limits concurrent browser sessions to ensure the license terms are met. Seq installations configured with the single-user license can't be accessed by more than one person, regardless of whether or not login credentials are shared. If more than one person will use a Seq instance, a multi-user license is required.

Is there any limit to the number of machines and apps that can log to Seq? No, there is neither a limit on the number of connected (client) apps, nor any data retention limit.

What is the yearly renewal price? Renewals cost the equivalent license price at the time of renewal. Multiple license years can be pre-purchased to lock in pricing. We may occasionally adjust renewal prices and terms. Renew here.

What happens when my license expires? Licenses include perpetual usage of versions released during the included support period. After this period elapses, you'll need to renew your license in order to access to new versions, security patches, and bug fixes.

Do you provide start-up/small business pricing? Yes! If your company has fewer than ten employees, please contact us about joining our start-up pricing program.

Can I use my paid Seq license on more than one machine? Each paid license supports up to three installations: you can take advantage of this to run separate Seq instances in test, acceptance, and production environments, for example.

Can I try the paid Seq features before buying? Sure thing! Request a 30-day trial here.

What happens if I run into trouble? If you need help getting started, contact us via email or the support forum - we'll happily assist you to get set up. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Seq license purchase, let us know. All sales are covered by a 30 day money-back guarantee.