Youi Insurance

Youi is an Australian-registered general insurance company in the Rand Merchant Investment Holdings group. Youi provides diverse products and underwrites its own policies, creating a challenging and sophisticated software environment.

Seq is deployed at Youi for diagnostics and analysis of web applications, messaging/integration systems, and back-end processes.

Youi takes advantage of Seq to combine diagnostic logs from both on-premises infrastructure, and cloud-hosted environments.

β€œYoui provides insurance policies tailor-made to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. We aim to provide awesome service to all of our clients every time we have an opportunity to interact with them. We have a 30 person development team that is responsible for all of our internal and external systems, from our public website to our core insurance and financial systems.

We use Seq via Serilog as the logging platform for all of our recently developed applications. Seq has become an indispensable part of our solutions, allowing us to see what is happening in our production systems, and to troubleshoot and debug our testing environments.

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β€œIt is particularly effective in allowing us to see into the interaction between services and trace through decoupled pub/sub architectures. It also makes it easy to combine logs from our on-premise deployments with our cloud-based deployments in one place.

The combination of powerful search capabilities and structured logging makes it easy to find fine-grained log events that with other logging technologies would be extremely difficult or impossible.

There is a Serilog sink for many of the frameworks we use (e.g. ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI, Nimbus, Akka.NET, TopShelf etc.) which makes pushing our logs to Seq very simple.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland and people can find out more about us (or do a quote!) at!”

This case study was kindly coordinated by Matt Cole, Development Manager at Youi Insurance.